About Us

Fundamentals for Bright Minds

Tiny Tots started its journey in 2004 and where as Vedhika Pre-School in 2013 . Since then we have been assuring that this transition from home to school is a smooth process for the Tots.

A unique, one of its kind concept, Vedhika Preschool & Tiny Tots was created to nurture the child and lay a healthy foundation for a learned society. Here they move from dependence to independence – from shaky coordination to refined skills, from body language to verbal communication, from self-absorption to growing social awareness. Vedhika Preschool & Tiny Tots are well-trusted learning center for early childhood education.

Vedhika Preschool & Tiny Tots provides - a relaxed, friendly, fun filled and a safe environment which endorses learning through play for the children between 1.7 yrs to 6yrs. Your child’s growth and development is our expertise. We believe in working with each child to the best of his/her abilities. We implement a positive approach that challenges and encourages but never pushes.

Our curriculum nurtures the multiple intelligences that children are born with. At Vedhika Preschool & Tiny Tots, children develop confidence, self-esteem and respect for themselves and others. This helps them realize their full potential and equips them to tackle challenges ahead – both within the classroom and outside.

The teaching, non-teaching and administrative staff of Vedhika Preschool & Tiny Tots is key to its success. They are greatly valued and honored. They play a very important role in the lives of every child who experiences Vedhika Preschool & Tiny Tots.

We have well-trained teachers who provide an excellent curriculum designed In-House for your child to work in and the children with them to spur their curiosity.

We believe that there is no shortcut to success and we make no compromise when it comes to imparting quality education.